It's not too late,

get your doors up to date!

Dangerous forces can build up to 40 tons of pressure in doors when they are closing. These forces can do great damage to yourself, your family, and your home.

Wind alone can create enough force to break or even sever a finger.  Usually accidents end up at the emergency room and can result in an amputation. Passive protection will prevent most unforeseen accidents.  Also, hard slams can result in broken glass, damaged door frames or cracked walls which all result in preventable repair costs much greater than the cost of a SoftSlam.

SoftSlam prevents these injuries and damages by absorbing the energy of the door before it strikes a hard surface such as a person or the door frame, allowing the door to close gently.  



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Disclaimer: SoftSlam will not prevent all door injuries. Please use care when operating a door.